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Mobium is a GPS Navigation System that turns a Windows Mobile device into a full navigation system with turn-by-turn, GPS guided
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Mobium GPS Navigation System Frequently Asked Questions(FAQS)
Q: Which counties are covered by Mobium GPS?

A: Mobium GPS currently provides turn-by-turn navigation for the US and Canada only.


What is GPS?

A: GPS (Global Positioning System) is a navigation technology that provides precise time and location anywhere, anytime and under any atmospheric conditions, by using the NAVSTAR satellites. The 24 satellites that make up the GPS space segment are orbiting the earth about 12,000 miles above us. They are constantly moving, making two complete orbits in less than 24 hours. These satellites are travelling at speeds of roughly 7,000 miles an hour. GPS satellites are powered by solar energy. They have backup batteries onboard to keep them running in the event of a solar eclipse, when there's no solar power. Small rocket boosters on each satellite keep them flying in the correct path.
Q: How does GPS work?
A: GPS is a satellite-based navigation system that works by receiving navigation messages from satellites and calculating locations. GPS receivers locate the satellites transmitting the incoming signals and use CDMA (Code Division Multi Access) method to identify individual codes. This means GPS system is able to identify each satellite's unique ID to calculate precise location and navigational data. Here are the steps:
  • All satellites have clocks set to exactly the same time
  • All satellites know their exact position from data sent to them from the systems controllers
  • Each satellite transmits its position and a time signal
  • The signals travel to the receiver delayed by distance traveled
  • The differences in distance traveled mark each satellite appear to have a different time
  • The receiver calculates its own position.
Q: How do I use the Mobium™ with a Bluetooth GPS receiver?
  1. Before start using it, fully charge a bluetooth GPS receiver according to its instructions.
  2. Press the button to start the GPS receiver.
  3. Read the user guide for your device to learn about Bluetooth pairing with your Windows Mobile PDA / PocketPC / Smartphone.
  4. Set up the Bluetooth connection between your device and the bluetooth GPS receiver.
Q: Will Mobium™ work on my mobile phone?
A: Mobium™ is a native Windows Mobile application, and it runs on all Windows Mobile 2003, WM 5.0, and WM 6 based PDAs/PocketPCs/Smartphones. Since Mobium™ is an off-board navigation program, your device must have access to Internet to run Mobium.
Q: How does Mobium™ work?
A: Once you start the Mobium™ application, simply click on Menu > Navigation > Drive To…to start entering your destination address or select it from your Favorite List, Contact Manager or History. Mobium™ will calculate to route to that destination based upon your current GPS location. As you approach a turn, Mobium™ will provide driving directions with voice prompts, such as "In 100 yards, Turn Left on Jamboree Road." If you miss a turn, Mobium™ can automatically re-route you.
Q: How do I sign up for Mobium™?
A: You can download and buy Mobium™ subscription by visit the MobiumGPS.com download store (download)
Q: I want to try Mobium™ before I buy it. Is there a free trial?
A: Yes. You can download and try Mobium™ FREE for 1 month on your Windows Mobile PDA / PocketPC / Smartphone. Please visit the MobiumGPS.com download store (download) for more information.
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