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Samsung Smartphones: Windows Mobile Software: GPS Navigation System.

Mobium™GPS Navigation Software gets you where you’re going with turn-by-turn voice directions and street names, informing you of the distance to your destination, and the estimated drive time. The Instant Route feature takes the guesswork out of planning a route by allowing you to input the starting point and end point of any route and immediately receive detailed turn-by-turn navigation.

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Your windows mobile smartphone never had it so good, because our software provides you with an automated and always up to date POI database, with no user intervention required. You’ll have continuous access to over 15 million POI listings across North America and the convenience of one-click calling to restaurants, shopping malls, theaters, hotels, and much more.

Samsung Mobile windows Smartphones supported by Mobium GPS

require GPS
samsung AT&T BlackJack™ II
Propel Pro
samsung AT&T BlackJack™ II
Samsung Verizon Wireless Samsung SCH-i760
Ace II
SGH-i627 Propel Pro
AT&T BlackJack™ II
Verizon Wireless Samsung SCH-i760
Samsung SGH-i718
Samsung SPH-i770
Samsung SGH-i900
Samsung SGH-i200
Samsung SGH-i718
Samsung SGH-i616
Samsung SGH-i640 / SGH-i640v
Samsung SPH-i325 ACE
Samsung SGH-i780
Samsung SGH-i616
SGH-i640 / SGH-i640v
SPH-i325 ACE
Samsung SGH-i617 Jack
Samsung SPH-M4650
Samsung SCH-i760
Samsung SGH-i710
SGH-i617 Jack
Samsung SGH-i600 HSDPA
Samsung SGH-i320n
Samsung SGH-i300x
Samsung SGH-i750
Samsung SCH-i830 / IP-830w
Samsung SCH-M600
Samsung SCH-i730
Samsung SCH-i600 / SP-i600
SCH-i830 / IP-830w
SCH-i600 / SP-i600

Press release:


...The Propel Pro, the next generation smartphone from Samsung Mobile, is a compact slider that opens to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard that makes sending text messages and e-mails quick and simple. The Propel Pro’s joystick, located in the center of the device between the right and left soft keys, provides users with a unique and seamless way to navigate through menus and messages... Read all

Samsung logo
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a global leader in semiconductor, telecommunication, digital media and digital convergence technologies with 2006 parent company sales of US$63.4 billion and net income of US$8.5 billion. Employing approximately 138,000 people in 124 offices in 56 countries, the company consists of five main business units: Digital Media Business, LCD Business, Semiconductor Business, Telecommunication Network Business and Digital Appliance Business. Recognized as one of the fastest growing global brands, Samsung Electronics is a leading producer of digital TVs, memory chips, mobile phones and TFT-LCDs. For more information, please visit

 Windows Mobile smartphone Software
Of the many mobile operating systems available today, Microsoft Windows Mobile for Smartphone is probably the most widely-known and used. It allows the user to access most of the same features found on desktop versions of Windows in a mobile version. The software can be run on Pocket PCs, PDA, Portable Media Centers, and some on-board automobile computers.

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SmartPhone is a mobile phone offering advanced capabilities beyond a typical mobilephone, often with PC-like functionality. The next type of pocket-sized PC is the SmartPhone, which came after the Pocket PC. It does not rely as heavily on the touch screen and is intended for one-handed operation using a keypad. The WM 6 Standard operating system is designed specifically for the various types of SmartPhones available

Windows Mobile 6.5 New version of Windows Mobile?
Microsoft announced the next version of Windows Mobile software, Windows Mobile 6.5, at the Mobile World Congress held February 16, 2009. This version is not yet available from mobile operators. Toward the end of 2009, see your mobile operator’s web site for dates and details on when they will make Windows Mobile 6.5 phones available. Or sign up to receive "Your Mobile World," a monthly newsletter that will keep you current. Today, Windows Mobile 6.1 phones are the most up to date and are available from many mobile operators worldwide. For more information, see the press release.

What’s coming in this new version?
Our customers have been telling us that they want to make the most of their smartphones, and Windows phones deliver their most-requested features. Windows Mobile 6.5, the upcoming version of the software used by mobile operators on the next generation of phones, will have a cool new look that shows you what’s most important to you at a glance. The new home screen features customizable widgets that display updates from your favorite web services, such as news, weather, traffic, and more, and you can tap into them quickly. Plus, there’s faster, more efficient access to personal e-mail, work e-mail, phone messages, and instant messaging.

mobium gps
Samsung SGH-i777 Saga
Samsung B7610 Louvre
Samsung Ace II
Samsung SGH-i617 BlackJack II
Samsung Epix SGH-i907
Samsung GT-C6620
Samsung GT-C6625
Samsung SCH-i760
Samsung SCH-i770 Saga
Samsung SCH-i910 Omnia
Samsung Propel Pro SGH-i627
Samsung SGH-i900 Omnia
Palm Treo
Palm Treo Pro
Palm Treo 800w
Palm Treo 750
Palm Treo 700wx

demo mobium gps

Check out our Mobium GPS Navigation System demo

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