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I-Mate Handheld Software: Windows Mobile GPS Navigation System.

Mobium™GPS Navigation Software gets you where you’re going with turn-by-turn voice directions and street names, informing you of the distance to your destination, and the estimated drive time. The Instant Route feature takes the guesswork out of planning a route by allowing you to input the starting point and end point of any route and immediately receive detailed turn-by-turn navigation.

You Own I-Mate Handheld Windows Mobile Smartphone You need a full GPS Navigation System Download Mobium GPS Software for your I-Mate

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I-Mate Mobile windows Handheld supported by Mobium GPS

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i-mate JAQ
i-mate JAQ3
i-mate PDAL
I-Mate Ultimate 8502
i-mate JAQ
i-mate JAQ3
i-mate PDAL
I-Mate Ultimate 8502
I-Mate Ultimate 9502
I-Mate JAMA 101
I-Mate Ultimate 8150
I-Mate Ultimate 6150
Ultimate 9502
JAMA 101
Ultimate 8150
Ultimate 6150
I-Mate JAMA 201
I-Mate PDA-L
I-Mate JAQ3
I-Mate JAMA 201
I-Mate SPL
I-Mate SP JAS (HTC Breeze 160)
I-Mate JASJAM (HTC Hermes 100)
I-Mate JAQ
SP JAS (HTC Breeze 160)
JASJAM (HTC Hermes 100)
I-Mate Smartflip (HTC Startrek 100)
I-Mate JAMin (HTC Prophet)
I-Mate SP4m (HTC Douton)
I-Mate K-JAM (HTC Wizard 200)
e Smartflip (HTC Startrek 100)
JAMin (HTC Prophet)
I-Mate SP4m (HTC Douton)
K-JAM (HTC Wizard 200)
I-Mate SP5m (HTC Tornado Tempo)
I-Mate SP5 (HTC Tornado Noble)
I-Mate JASJAR (HTC Universal)
I-Mate New JAM / JAM Limited Edition
I-Mate SP5m (HTC Tornado Tempo)
SP5 (HTC Tornado Noble)
JASJAR (HTC Universal)
New JAM / JAM Limited Edition
I-Mate JAM (HTC Magician)
I-Mate PDA2k EVDO (HTC Harrier)
I-Mate PDA2 Pocket PC (HTC Alpine)
I-Mate SP3i (HTC Feeler)
JAM (HTC Magician)
PDA2k EVDO (HTC Harrier)
PDA2 Pocket PC (HTC Alpine)
SP3i (HTC Feeler)
I-Mate SP3 (HTC Typhoon)
I-Mate PDA2k (HTC Blue Angel)
I-Mate SP2 (HTC Voyager)
I-Mate Pocket PC Phone Edition (HTC Himalaya)
SP3 (HTC Typhoon)
PDA2k (HTC Blue Angel)
SP2 (HTC Voyager)
Pocket PC Phone Edition (HTC Himalaya)
I-Mate K-JAR
I-Mate Ultimate 7150
I-Mate Ultimate 9150
I-Mate Ultimate 5150
Ultimate 7150
Ultimate 9150
Ultimate 5150



about i-mate

i-mate™ was founded in 2001 and has its Head Office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Other trading offices are spread worldwide including Australia, Italy, UK, South Africa and the USA. In September 2005 following a group restructure, its parent company i-mate plc (incorporated in Scotland), floated on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange.

i-mate™ specialises in Windows Mobile® hardware and software solutions and services. Its cutting edge, customer-centric solutions offer the latest technology and device features. As a Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner, i-mate™ provides customers with the best Windows Mobile® experience. : i-mate




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I-mate Ultimate 6150: Traditional PDA-like design with a 2.8-inch, 65,000-color touch screen, integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and a 2-megapixel camera. It also features an XGA-out port for connecting directly to projectors, TVs, and such.

I-mate Ultimate 8150: This model has more of a traditional candy-bar-style design with an external dialpad and a 2.6-inch touch screen. It also features integrated Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, a 2-megapixel camera, and an XGA output.

I-mate Ultimate 8502: With a full QWERTY keyboard, the 8502 has messaging on the brain. Aside from the other wireless options, this model will also have built-in GPS, a 2.6-inch touch screen, and 256MB ROM/128MB RAM.

I-mate Ultimate 9502: Last but not least, the 9502 has a slider design that opens up to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard. As the flagship model, it also boasts a 2.8-inch, 262,000-color touch screen, a 3-megapixel camera, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. More

 Mobium GPS Your windows mobile i-mate Handheld never had it so good, because our software provides you with an automated and always up to date POI database, with no user intervention required. You’ll have continuous access to over 15 million POI listings across North America and the convenience of one-click calling to restaurants, shopping malls, theaters, hotels, and much more.

Windows Mobile 6.1 was announced April 1, 2008. It is a minor upgrade to the existing WM 6 platform which brings with it a redesigned Home screen featuring horizontal tiles that expand on clicking to display more information, although this new home screen is featured only on WM Standard edition. Several other improvements such as threaded SMS, full page zooming in IE and 'Domain Enroll' have also been added. Domain Enroll is functionality to connect the device to System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008, a product to manage mobile devices


Windows Mobile 6.5

..BARCELONA, Spain — Feb. 16, 2009 — Today at Mobile World Congress 2009, Microsoft Corp. CEO Steve Ballmer along with key mobile partners, HTC, LG and Orange, unveiled new Windows® phones featuring new user-friendly software and services. The next generation of Windows® phones will be based on Windows Mobile 6.5 and feature a new user interface and a richer browsing experience. In addition, Windows® phones will feature two new services: My Phone, to sync text messages, photos, video, contacts and more to the Web; and Windows® Marketplace for Mobile, a new marketplace that will provide direct-to-phone mobile applications and can be accessed from both the phone and the Web. .. Read More from Microsoft



mobium gps

I-Mate 810-F (Hummer)
I-Mate Ultimate 9502
I-Mate Ultimate 8502
I-Mate Ultimate 8150
I-Mate Ultimate 6150
I-Mate JAMA 101


HP iPAQ 900
HP iPAQ Voice Messenger
HP Data Messenger
HP iPAQ 600
HP iPAQ 500
HP iPAQ rw6268
HP iPAQ h6315

Motorola MOTO Q11
Motorola MC5574
Motorola FR68
Motorola MOTOSURF A3100
Motorola MOTO Q9c
Motorola MOTO Q9h Global

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